Flat Field Thermal Soaring

Question from spruceguitar

He has watched our video Magic of Soaring - Flat Field Thermal Soaring’ on our YouTube channel and comments:

  • Very nice aeromodelling. How much is an RC glider like yours? How about a smaller one?

RC Guru says

Gliders range in price depending upon their construction and level of performance. Nowadays there are many excellent foam gliders that have reasonably good performance such as the Multiplex Easy Glider, which runs around £70 to £80. These are crash-resistant, easily repairable and good for learning on. You could also if you wished to build one for yourself check out sports glider range of plans for novice and pro alike, at gb.trapletshop.com/sports-glider.

Better performance can be achieved through inexpensive balsa wood kits, such as the Cambrian Elan 100. Gliders such as this will have a very good soaring performance after being launched by a bungee (around £20 to £30), but must be built by someone with experience in constructing balsa models.

At the top end of the scale are fully composite gliders, such as those sold by Hyperflight.co.uk. These range from relatively inexpensive hand launch gliders for around £200, all the way up to super-sophisticated three and four metre wingspan gliders costing up to £1,700.

That said, one can have great fun and learn about soaring just as well from the Cambrian Elan as well as the £1,700 super glider. Often, used gliders can be picked up cheaply used from sites such as the BMFA classifieds.

Hope this helps.

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