Ask the Guru - Engine Conundrum

Question from Anthony

Where can I buy small engine for fuel powered rc plane?

The Guru Says

Anthony! This is difficult for us to answer as we do not know the size or type of model aircraft and so cannot recommend a motor or source. One of the best strategies is to visit your local hobby shop that specialises in radio control aircraft. (Google 'hobby store' and you should be able to find the nearest to you.) Here you will likely be given advice on the most suitable size engine for your model airplane. A good alternative is to contact the nearest radio control club. Most clubs have many knowledgeable members who can advise you on what to buy and where to buy it. Members frequently have used motors and other equipment for sale.

Traplet puts out a number of books with advice on model design. These are a good way to build your knowledge base, and also reading the magazine and studying the articles and free plans can provide you with a lot of practical knowledge to help you succeed in the hobby.

Hope this helps and good luck with your search.


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