Mini Super Bistormer Free Plan

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In 2002 I had a plan published for my Super Bistormer sport biplane and this has been a very popular model with members of the Brighouse Model Flying Club, with at least half a dozen models being built. In recent years there have been significant advances made in electric motors, batteries and speed controllers and as a result of this a smaller model has been designed to take advantage of this situation.

Although originally conceived as an electric model the drawing gives details for powering it with a small four-stroke motor. A glow powered version has been built by fellow club member Colin Terry and it is proving to be very enjoyable to fly.

Read the entire article of the Mini Super Bistormer Free Plan in February’s R/C Model World.

At A Glance

WINGSPAN: 40″ top, 38″ bottom (1016 and 965 mm)
LENGTH: 33″ (838 mm)
WEIGHT: 2.75 lb (1247 g)
RADIO FUNCTIONS: Throttle, Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder
SERVOS: Hitec HS 81MG 19 g (2.6 kg cm at 4.8 volt)
IC ENGINE: .30 – .40 cu in four-stroke
ELECTRIC MOTOR: Airtek Apex Brushless AXP/3536/1100
PROP: 10″ x 6″ Master GF C Series
ESC: Synergy 40 A
BATTERY: 3S 2200 mAh

Basic Construction

COVERING MATERIAL: Solarfi m or Solartex
CENTRE OF GRAVITY: 2.5/8″ (67 mm) from Leading Edge

Control Throws

AILERONS: 10 mm up, 5mm down
ELEVATOR: 20 mm up and down
RUDDER: 20 mm right and left