Parrot Extends Its Education Offer Worldwide

Launched in 2016 in the US, Parrot Education is now expanding worldwide with programmes for Primary, Secondary, Higher Education, Field Researchers and Developers

Parrot Education has been created by Parrot to support academic and non-profit institutions to enable the use of drones in classrooms, labs and fields. Launched one year ago in the US, the program today works with more than 400 schools and 50 major universities across North America that use Parrot products as part of their curriculum. Now, the program will expand to make Parrot educational content available worldwide!

Key collaborations with major players

Parrot Education has developed strong collaborations with renowned companies so educators can teach students essential STEM skills, such as mathematics, science, art, physics and coding, and so kids can continue to learn coding at home. These include Apple, Tynker, Workbench and Mathworks.

Parrot Education Resources

Resources developed by Parrot include multi-drone teaching bundles, educational discounts, software applications and curriculum partners for instructional resources.

Schools or universities that include robotics or drones in their curriculum often do not have the right hardware to work with, and researchers are always looking for new ways to test.
From primary schools to PhDs, drones offer an astonishing new perspective with countless applications. Parrot has a large portfolio of safe, reliable, robust, reparable, affordable and programmable drones, completed by a range of advanced sensors and software to meet these needs.

For more information about how Parrot are using drones in schools, universities and for developers, visit:

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