Airwaves – P110 Noisy Thing II

Noisy Thing ImageIn the March edition of MMI we have published a review of a new sound effects generator called P110 Noisy Thing II. You can hear a sample of the sounds available by clicking below.

Noisy Thing Sound File


Sound File Notes

The sound file in this link is a Microsoft compatible .wav file that runs from start to finish and comprises the sound of a twin cylinder Lister engine starting up, going into tick-over and then shutting down. Whilst the engine is in tick-over the sound of a horn, followed by seagulls and then a dog barking will be played. The individual sounds would normally be triggered from the transmitter.

Note: The quality of sounds reproduced by the Component-Shop (ACTion Electronics) P110 ‘Noisy Thing II’ are dependent on the quality of the original sound files used and the quality of the loudspeaker used for reproduction, i.e. a cheap small mylar speaker randomly located will not sound as good as a quality speaker mounted on a baffle board properly located within the mod.

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